Foil Insulation & Multifoil Insulation

Multifoil insulation, commonly known as foil insulation and thermal insulation foil roll, refers to insulation made up of many layers of sheets, foils and insulating materials. The benefits of foil insulation include that foil is a low emissivity material, meaning it’s highly heat reflective. When installed in walls, floors or roofs multifoil insulation from brands such as TLX and YBS will allow heat to be reflected into the room.

Why should I use foil insulation?

Foil insulation can help you achieve better u-values with a thinner construction thanks to its low emissivity makeup. Just a thin layer of foil can help reflect any heat from a building back inside, reducing heat escaping from the construction. This means that foil insulation can minimize energy bills as you won’t need to continually heat a house for example, you can heat it once to a suitable temperature and then let the foil insulation help retain this heat.

TLX Gold and TLX Silver

TLX multifoils are known for their reliability and insulating properties. Holding BBA (British Board of Agrement) and ETA (European Technical Assessment) certificates, TLX Gold and TLX Silver are firm favourites amongst contractors and small-scale insulation installers alike. TLX Gold is a 2 in 1 breather membrane, insulating and venting moisture whilst being just 33mm thick. TLX Silver insulates and acts as a vapour barrier, preventing air leakage whilst taking up just 30mm of thickness.

Actis insulation

Actis is one of the most trusted brands in the insulation market, supplying high performance foil insulation including Actis Boost R Hybrid and Actis H Control. Boost R Hybrid is for installation on the cold side of the roof and takes advantage of a foil facing to reduce overall product thickness to just 35mm for an insulating breather membrane. H Control Actis insulation combines thermal insulation with a vapour control layer, offering low u-values from just 45mm of insulation.

Types of foil insulation

Brands like TLX, SuperFOIL and YBS offer different types of foil insulation which are designed for a range of different uses. Given that each building needs careful consideration for what the build-up of insulation is, foil insulation is available with a variety of features to be the most efficient it can be. Vapour permeable foil insulation and vapour barrier foil insulation eliminate the need for separate insulation and vapour control fabrics, often reducing wall thickness and the expense of build-up.

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