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Insulation Superstore is proud to offer all the latest insulation products from ROCKWOOL, the leading manufacturer of stone wool insulation, at our famously competitive prices.

For any questions or queries regarding ROCKWOOL insulation, and the best products for your project, feel free to call our team on 01752 692206 or use the live chat and they will be more than happy to help.

ROCKWOOL insulation manufacturing process

ROCKWOOL have 45 different manufacturing facilities globally, using stone to create their insulating materials. According to ROCKWOOL, the earth creates 38000 times as much stone each year as is used to manufacture stone wool insulation.

ROCKWOOL manufacture their stone wool insulation by melting basalt and slag together, then spinning it to create fibres. This material is then made into insulation slabs or insulation rolls that can be used to insulate domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. 

ROCKWOOL insulation uses

ROCKWOOL have created a number of different insulation products for a wide range of uses throughout a building.

Firstly, the ROCKWOOL RW slabs have been manufactured for general building use, insulating the building to retain heat, reduce noise and add another barrier to fires. ROCKWOOL RW slabs come in variety of thicknesses, densities and can be semi-rigid or rigid. 

ROCKWOOL Rollbatt insulation has been manufactured specifically for use in loft spaces. The Rollbatt insulation from ROCKWOOL comes in rolls, and has been developed to specifically focus on thermal and acoustic insulating properties to reduce fuel consumption and energy bills. 

ROCKWOOL also offer products for pipe insulation. The insulated fire sleeve from ROCKWOOL has been developed to provide thermal insulation around hot pipes, but also offers up to two hours of fire resistance, and expands to fill any gaps between sleeves and piping if exposed to fire. Alternatively, opt for the intumescent pipe wrap from ROCKWOOL, a simple and cost-effective option to protect plastic pipework and electrical trunking in walls and floors, guaranteeing up to four hours of fire resistance. 

As well as insulation products, ROCKWOOL also produce a number of accessories, such as cavity closers. ROCKCLOSE is an insulated damp proof course that has been developed to reduce thermal bridging around doors and windows within cavity walls, to ensure that any h


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