Cavity Closers

Cavity closers have several functions that are all integral to buildings meeting a variety of Building Regulation compliance. Cavity closers prevent the ingress of water, they prevent loss of heat and they prevent the spread of fire, depending on which type of cavity closer you choose.

As a bare minimum, standard cavity closers that aren’t thermal or fire-resistant will prevent the ingress of water into a building around the hole that a window or door fits in. A good sealant is the first line of defence against water ingress but cavity closers back this up, especially if they have ridges on them. By using cavity closers that will prevent water ingress you’re complying with Building Regulations Part C.

When opting for thermal, or insulated, cavity closers then you’re preventing heat from escaping the building and cold for entering the building. When cold bridging and heat loss occurs it can cause condensation, mould and damp. Choose fire-rated cavity closers to comply with Building Regulation Part B as cavity closers slow the spread of fire.

How do you know which width cavity closer you need?

It’s simple to work out what width cavity closer you need. Measure the distance between the brick and the block to get the width of the cavity. If this width is 50mm then you need a 50mm cavity closer.

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