Acoustic Insulation

Soundproofing is becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners as it offers many benefits to their families. From keeping out the noise of neighbours to soundproofing between rooms, you can create a peaceful, serene and private environment in your home.

Sound Insulation

Sound insulation comes in many forms, from acoustic insulation rolls to acoustic insulation slabs and even mats. Choosing between them can be difficult but usually the sound insulation you choose depends on what you’re trying to achieve, the thickness of space you’ve got to install the insulation and the area of your house it’s going to be installed in. For pitched roofs and cavity walls for example, acoustic insulation slab is popular thanks to its semi-rigid structure. You can friction-fit it in joists and studs very easily and it will not sag. In floors you can use boards, mats or rolls very easily as they lay over existing timbers, replace existing timbers or fit between boards. 

Surprisingly to some, sheep wool insulation offers good acoustic insulation thanks to its density and natural make-up. As little as 75mm of Thermafleece CosyWool for example can offer you sound reduction of 40 dB. If you have the space in your cavities or in your loft space to lay 150mm of sheep wool insulation you can be left with fantastic acoustically insulating results.

Sound Proof Insulation: Room to Room

Soundproofing is most commonly installed to provide sound proof properties inside your home, from room to room. A thin layer of acoustic insulation between a living room and a kitchen for example can protect a quiet cup of coffee from the loud noises of the latest big screen release! Acoustic insulation can help with protecting the quality of sleep your little ones achieve and the quality of sleep you achieve when they have friends over!

Room to room soundproofing is typically achieved with the help of acoustic insulation in cavities and partition walls. Installing acoustically insulated plasterboard for example on partition walls can contribute to a big reduction in sound, especially when paired with acoustic floor insulation. Acoustic floor insulation not only reduces the sound of impact noise (think children running) from floor to floor, it also reduces overall sound as the floor insulation absorbs some of the airborne noise that would otherwise travel through walls and doors.

Sound Proof Insulation: Inside, Out

Whether you live in a residential area or a cityscape you’re bound to be disturbed by noise at one point or another. Kids playing in the park, car alarms, the 11pm walk home from the local or local train tracks, any of these things can cause a nuisance! With acoustic insulation roll or acoustic insulation slab enveloping your home you can minimise the impact of these noises and enjoy more peace and quiet through the day and night.

Find out more on how acoustic insulation and sound proofing your home can improve your quality of life and to find out which insulation products we recommend for which application. 

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