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What is acoustic insulation?

Acoustic insulation, also known as sound insulation, is a form of insulation that provides soundproofing, preventing or reducing the transference of noise between rooms and from inside a building to outside and vice versa. 

How does acoustic insulation work?

Sound passes through walls, doors, floors and other materials by vibration – the vibration then causes new sound waves on the other side of the surface. The acoustic board works to reduce levels of transmission loss of a wall or other form of barrier, preventing sound from passing through rooms, walls, floors and ceilings.

What is transmission loss?

Transmission loss is the efficiency of a wall of another blockade in limiting the passage of sound. The higher the transmission loss of a wall, the worse it is at preventing unwanted noise from passing through. The higher the transmission loss, the more sound isolation is required to block this noise. 

Find out more about transmission loss and how acoustic insulation works here.

What are the benefits of acoustic insulation?

As urban areas become denser, and family homes become more compact, the amount of noise pollution has increased, and more families and individuals are searching for ways to retain peace, privacy and quietness between rooms and houses. 

Noisy environments have a number of detrimental effects on health and wellbeing. The Healthier Homes Guide states that noise pollution can lead to health issues such as stress, high bloody pressure, strokes and hypertension, and chronic exposure to noise can also affect a child’s cognitive development. 

External noise pollution

Whether you live in a residential area or a cityscape you’re bound to be disturbed by noise at one point or another. Kids playing in the park, car alarms, the 11pm walk home from the local or local train tracks, any of these things can cause a nuisance! With acoustic insulation roll or acoustic insulation slab enveloping your home you can minimise the impact of these noises and enjoy more peace and quiet through the day and night.

Internal noise pollution

Additionally, sound-deadening insulation can be incredibly effective in reducing the amount of noise that transfers within the home, between rooms and floors. From ensuring the bedroom above the living room is undisturbed by late-night films, to making sure sounds from the kitchen do not travel to the nursery and disturb children’s naps, there is a lot that can be said for reducing the transfer of noise between rooms within the home with noise insulation.

Room to room soundproofing is typically achieved with the help of acoustic insulation in cavities and partition walls. Installing acoustically insulated plasterboard for example on partition walls can contribute to a big reduction in sound, especially when paired with acoustic floor insulation. Acoustic floor insulation not only reduces the sound of impact noise (think children running) from floor to floor, it also reduces overall sound as the floor insulation absorbs some of the airborne noise that would otherwise travel through walls and doors.

Find out more about the benefits of acoustic insulation here.

What different forms of acoustic insulation are available?

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are a form of sound insulation materials. They have been designed to fit on walls, ceilings and floors, to absorb reflective sound and noise. Sound proofing boards are most commonly used in large commercial spaces, from schools and open plan offices, to assembly halls, call centres and reception areas. 

Sound proof board products are made from straight edge dense mineral fibre board, and can be used across the whole surface, or just in a section of the wall or ceiling. This type of sound proof insulation is often popular because it can be used to create architectural and design features whilst still absorbing noise, and they can be retro fitted to buildings and rooms without major disruption.

Bespoke sizes, fabrics and images can be used to create wall panels specific to a company logo or design, just call our team on 01752 692206 for more information.

Acoustic Underlay 

Acoustic underlay is a sheet of material that is laid beneath flooring, onto the sub-floor, to combat airborne and impact noise. The acoustic underlay removes the contact between the subfloor and the finished flooring, absorbing vibrations between the two layers and minimising sound transfer. 

Acoustic underlay is quick and easy to install on new builds, refurbishment and renovation projects, but can be more challenging to fit in existing rooms and buildings due to the flooring needing to be lifted. 

Acoustic Foam

Acoustic foam is another form of acoustic insulation, consisting of an open cell material that is flexible and durable. Acoustic foam is typically provided in sheets, that can be cut to size, and one of its most popular applications is within ductwork and ventilation equipment, to reduce the noise pollution created when they are in use. Additionally, acoustic foam is used in a range of vehicles, generators, plant and electrical equipment, as well as within the home. 

Combined acoustic and thermal insulation products

There are also a number of thermal insulation products that are also very effective in reducing sound pollution. Thermal insulation is crucial within the home, to minimise heat loss, reduce energy costs and reduce the possibility for damp and mould to occur. Therefore, using a thermal insulation product that also has high acoustic insulation properties is a way to solve two issues with one product, and save space as well as time.

For pitched roofs and cavity walls, acoustic insulation slab is popular thanks to its semi-rigid structure. You can friction-fit it in joists and studs very easily and it will not sag. For floors you can use boards, mats or rolls very easily as they lay over existing timbers, replace existing timbers or fit between boards. 

Surprisingly to some, sheep wool insulation offers good acoustic insulation thanks to its density and natural make-up. As little as 75mm of Thermafleece CosyWool, for example, can offer you a sound reduction of 40 dB. If you have the space in your cavities or in your loft space to lay 150mm of sheep wool insulation you can be left with fantastic acoustically insulating results that also provide thermal insulation.

Choose from acoustic insulation slabs, acoustic insulation rolls, wall boards and more to improve acoustic insulation and thermal insulation today. If you’re unsure which product works best for your latest renovation, DIY or new build project, don’t hesitate to call our team and discover more about products from brands like DFM acoustic insulation.  

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