If you are converting a loft, you’ll need to know how to fit loft ladders. Even if you’re not planning a conversion, a good loft ladder is a safe, easy way to get access to the storage available in your attic space.

Choose the type of loft ladder you need

Before learning how to fit loft ladders, there are a number of decisions to make. The first is choosing which type of ladder you need. For example, if you are creating an additional room, you could choose a fixed loft ladder with a handrail.

Depending on what height you need your ladder to be, you may need one in two or three folding sections. Popular options include attractive wooden ladders, aluminium ladders, scissor ladders and telescopic ladders. You may want to consider if the users will benefit from having a handrail and non-slip ends.

Fitting a loft ladder definitely requires DIY experience. Before you get started, make sure you have all the correct tools for the job, including a drill, tape measure, screwdriver, saw, nails and screws. You will also need to use another ladder to access the loft whilst you fit the new one!

Ensure you have all the equipment neededPreparation

If there’s not already an opening to the loft, choosing the location for the loft hatch is important. Check that there is enough headroom above the access to the loft. Make sure that the positioning of the loft hatch is at least 1 metre from the edge of the room.

Next, consider the type of access you need to your loft. Do you want a simple hinged hatch, or would you prefer an integrated loft door and ladder system? Do you need a high-performance fire-rated door?

How to fit loft ladders

Most loft ladders will need two people to safely install them. Before you start fitting your loft ladder, open the packaging and check that all of the components are there. Most importantly, each loft ladder is different, so make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly and watch any available how-to videos for installing your type of ladder.

Additional considerations:

  • If the access hatch is going to be left open, do you want a hatch is going to be left open, do you want a ladder balustrade surrounding the hole for additional safety?
  • Consider an upper hatch to tidy the loft ladder neatly away. This prevents attic dust from accumulating on the hatch and steps when closed.
  • Do you need any spare parts and accessories? If the right product isn’t available on Insulation Superstore, there is a wide range of loft ladder products and accessories available from our sister store Roofing Superstore. Alternatively, we will source an item on your behalf. Just give us a call.

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