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Insulation products by Actis are manufactured in-house before being supplied across Europe. They have been supporting the industry since 1980 and continue to work hard to supply high-quality insulation to customers.

At Insulation Superstore, we supply a range of Actis products from multifoil insulation to breather membranes and foil and joint tape. There are a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses for you to choose from; as a result, you can purchase the products you need at more reasonable costs.

Actis ensure that their insulation is durable for long-lasting results. Additionally, Actis pay much attention to the way their products are regarding safety. Not only is this for those who will be the users of the property, but also the installers.  Actis pride themselves on the long-term results of their products and make sure manufacturing is smooth and efficient. Another benefit of the way they manufacture is by making their products as airtight as possible to avoid performance loss which can usually get up to 50%. 

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