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Thermafleece are the UK’s leading brand when it comes to natural and sustainable insulation. Since 2000, as the UK’s first British sheep’s wool insulation suppliers, the company has continued to provide high-quality materials to ensure properties can stay warm in the colder temperatures.

Why their products?

Thermafleece pride themselves on the ability to use various recycled and natural fibres. They take great care in the manufacturing of their materials.

Alongside sheep’s wool, they incorporate the use of recycled and natural fibres into their products to improve performance of their insulation. This means that you can trust in them to provide authentic, British-made goods.

Should you have any excess material following installation, Thermafleece products can also be recycled because of what they contain. In turn, you don’t have to be concerned with disposing the material.

What do they offer?

There are a wide variety of different insulation solutions available to you. One of the most recognizable is loft insulation rolls. These particular products come in a range of sizes, making them ideal for those in need of cost-effective results. Thermafleece loft insulation rolls also come compressed for transportation purposes to ensure the product retains its quality upon arrival. Once there, you can install the product with ease and enjoy efficient thermal performance.

Another solution available from Thermafleece are breather membranes. These can be used in floors, walls or as a protective layer for additional insulation.

The lightweight vapour permeable underlay offers fantastic water resistance and high breathability. It also comes with a simple, but effective design of light grey on one side and white on the other. Aside from a 150mm overlap line, there are also no text or images on either side to ensure a smooth-lookin%

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