Waterproof Tarpaulin

Waterproof tarpaulin is used to protect roofs, masonry, insulation projects, construction projects and outdoor spaces in periods of bad weather and on the occasion where a building project might be paused. It’s prudent to cover structures if they’re mid-way through construction regardless of the weather forecast as these tarpaulins will protect from UV rays as much as they do from the rain.

Each tarpaulin sheet offered from Insulation Superstore is rot proof and tear proof to ensure that the tarpaulin lasts. Whilst wind might batter the tarpaulin into the direction of some sharp edges or corners of a structure, its tear proof qualities will keep the sheet in tact and protective. Also keeping the sheet where it needs to be are eyelets at each corner of the tarpaulin and every 1 metre down the length. A poly rope hem is woven into the woven fabric for additional strength and both sides of the tarpaulin are laminated with LDPE.

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