Intumescent Sealant

As building regulations become tighter, and fire safety is a key focus, more products are being developed with firesafe properties. Here at Insulation Superstore we offer a number of different intumescent sealant products from brands such as ROCKWOOL and iKoustic.

What is intumescent sealant?

Intumescent sealant is a type of sealant that has been designed to act as a barrier, preventing the spread of fire and smoke in an emergency. When exposed to high temperatures, the intumescent sealant swells, to fill any gaps or areas through which smoke can pass.

Intumescent sealant can be used around fire doors, windows, pipes, gaps and other voids where smoke and fire could potentially pass through. The sealant can provide up to 4 hours of protection, which is crucial in keeping the building structurally intact so that any people or animals can escape unharmed.

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