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Celotex has been trading with consumers since the 1920s. As they’ve grown their products have become undeniably popular, winning many awards and being shortlisted for their innovative usage in the construction sector. The leading manufacturer of PIR insulation in the UK, Celotex is arguably one of the best-known names in the construction materials industry.  That is why we at Insulation Superstore provide their products to you to ensure you have the most suitable and cost-effective solutions. 

Insulation boards

If you want to reduce costs on your insulation, the Celotex insulation board is the way to go. This product has been part of their selection for many years and continues to be an iconic item in the insulation industry. With Celotex insulation boards you can use them a variety of applications, including  pitched roofs, flat roofs and much more. 

Insulated plasterboard

Celotex’s insulated plasterboard is an efficient way of combining insulation and plasterboard to reduce installation time. This not only provides long-term energy support, but is also useful for new and refurbishment building projects.

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