Ceiling Supplies

Breathable membranes, loft doors, ceiling tiles and more contribute to our range of ceiling supplies and roofing supplies that will be complementary to installations of insulation products purchased from Insulation Superstore. Complete your project with us by picking up everything you need to carry out DIY or professional jobs to a high standard.

Breathable Membranes

Klober, Cromar, Novia, Protect and many other big brands contribute to our offering of breathable membranes. Use our filter tool to find the breathable membrane required for your project or shop by broader application by choosing between Paint-On Breathable Membranes, Air Permeable Breathable Membranes, Vapour Permeable Breathable Membranes, Timber Frame Permeable Breathable Membranes and Vapour Control Layers. For DIYers that are perhaps looking to insulate their shed roof or to create an insulated garden building we’ve put together a quick fact sheet that gives you everything you need to know on how breathable membranes work and why you need to consider one.

Access Panels

Protect pipes and cables of services, plumbing and electrical lines with a range of access panels and fire rated access panels. Opt for different sizes and frames to customise what’s needed from the access panel such as a discrete frame which can be hidden by plastering over a beaded frame access panel. Access panels from Timloc as sold by Insulation Superstore are all polyester powder coated in white with the ability to decorate over them to complement any surroundings. These access panels also all meet the requirements of the gas safety industry so can be used as a concealed boiler flue inspection panel.

Loft Doors

A mixture of plastic and steel loft doors and loft ladders, such as FAKRO loft ladder products, in hinged or drop-in opening mechanisms complement our range of loft insulation and loft ladders. Each loft door provides a thermal conductivity rating of at least 0.82 u-value with some loft doors offering u-values as low as 0.25. Choose a steel frame manufactured loft door for up to 1 hour of fire protection.

Ceiling Tiles

Take your pick between high-level brands and manufacturers Kingspan, Rockfon, JCW and more for a choice of ceiling tiles. Chosen specifically to complement acoustic and thermal build-ups looking to be achieved by insulation projects, thermal and acoustic ceiling tiles are available for use in areas such as schools, offices and hospitals. There are many patterns, styles and finishes too for an attractive finish.

Insulation Ancillaries

To complete most insulation projects some plywood or OSB board is needed to create a finishing layer or to lay as a deck. Insulation Superstore’s offering of plywood and OSB board contains structural grade and even marine-grade solid plywood board alongside tongue and groove OSB2 and OSB3 board.

Downlight hoods are a fantastic ancillary product that can complement both the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of a ceiling. Install downlight covers securely over a fitted downlight so as the risk of losing any performance from the ceiling and roof insulation build-up is minimised.

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