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An entire range dedicated to fixings and securing your insulation, from massive brands like HeliFix, SureTwist, Forgefix and many more. Not sure which insulation fixings you require? Get in touch with our team and they will be happy to help with product recommendations and advice – call today on 01752 692206 or use the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner.

Fixings for plasterboard

When installing plasterboard, it is important to have the most suitable fixings to prevent damage to the plasterboard, yet retain a secure fix to keep the plasterboard securely in place. Plasterboard fixings include hollow wall anchors, to secure plasterboard tightly to the wall, and cavity fixings, which are designed for heavy loads. Alternatively, plugs are effective in securing plasterboards into walls and ceiling structures, particularly masonry walls. Another option for fixing plasterboard is to use drywall screws, which are specialist screws used to fit plasterboard into wood, steel studding or other wall materials.

Fixings for multifoil insulation

When installing multifoil insulation, one of the most popular methods for fixing multifoil insulation securely in place is to use staples and a staple gun. Multifoil insulation is incredibly thin and lightweight, so staples are sufficient to fix multifoil insulation into place. 

Fixings for insulation boards

When fixing insulation boards, helical fixings are a good method of securing them into place. Helical fixings rotate as they are driven in with a hammer, meaning they corkscrew through the insulation and into timber battens or stud work behind the insulation. Alternatively, insulation anchors can be used to fit insulation boards to concrete, bricks and blocks. Another option when securing insulation boards to wood or steel studding is to use drywall screws.

Fixings for insulation slabs and rolls

When installing insulation slabs and rolls, insulation netting is a good way to secure the insulation and prevent it from coming loose over time. Insulation netting is easy to fit, and holds insulation within framework and joists easily, making it suitable for suspended floor insulation, wall insulation, roof insulation and ceiling insulation. Another alternative for fixing insulation slabs and insulation rolls is to use insulation hangers, which support insulation within sheeting and cladding systems. Insulation hangers are available as self-adhesive hangers or more basic hangers.

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