Draught Excluders

A draught excluder is fitted across the bottom of a window or door frame to prevent a draught from coming in and creating a chill. Installing a draught excluder can reduce heating bills and increase the overall comfort of a building too.

Moreover, if your home is draughty or your want to try reducing heating bill costs, invest in a draught excluder and see how much you could save. 

Types of draft excluder

As mentioned, there are typically two main types of draught excluder for a property. Here's a brief explanation into the different types of draught excluders you can choose from. 

Door draught excluder

Door draught excluders prevent cold air from entering underneath the door. They also stop warm air, generated from internal heating or insulation such as central heating for example, from leaking out.  

Window draught excluder

Window draught excluders sit along the length of sash windows to stop a breeze from coming in in the gap. They are less common than door draught excluders. This is because many people don’t tend to think it’s a viable option, when they can be just as useful. In fact, window draught excluders are particularly popular with single-glazed windows as they’re notoriously breezy! 

Check out the different types of draught excluders you can find in our range below and discover more key draught reduction items to help you get the most out of your insulation accessories. 

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