Flat Roof Insulation

When installing a flat roof, it is important to ensure you have suitable flat roof insulation to minimise any heat loss and improve noise insulation, and is an essential part of the roof structure - without appropriate flat roof insulation, the extension or building will not pass building regulations.

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TR27 Kingspan flat roof insulation

The TR27 range of insulation from Kingspan has been developed specifically for insulating flat roofs. TR27 insulation consists of high-performance PIR boards, with glass facings on either side. These flat roof insulation boards have been manufactured so that they are fully compatible with most flat roof systems, including mastic asphalt roofing and single-ply non-bituminous systems, as well as green roof systems. 

Kingspan TR27 PIR boards have thermal conductivity levels of as low as 0.024 W/m2k, which means that they are good thermal barriers to prevent the movement of heat through the material. Additionally, these flat roof insulation boards have high compressive strength to ensure they do not lose their insulating characteristics if placed under pressure, making them suitable for limited foot traffic, and are resistant to the passage of water vapour. 

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