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For over five decades, MGC have delivered many high-quality insulation materials to customers across the UK. Their solutions have been designed with the reduction of mould in mind, making sure that the interior of properties aren't at risk of increased mould and mildew infections. 

Choose from a wide variety of insulation supplies. From primers to surface fillers, radiator insulation panels and much more, you can find many different and useful insulation goods here from Insulation Superstore. 

For your reassurance, MGC is a ISO 9001 Accredited Company. Their thermal insulation has also been tested by National Physical Laboratory and has been found to be eco-friendly according to the Building Research Establishment. 


Used as  thermal/sound insulation, this can be placed for floors and used for cold surfaces or acoustic insulation. It's easy to install, so no stress when applying to the desired location.  

As a bonus you could combine your purchase of Sempafloor with Sempatap. Sempatap is also a thermal/sound insulator, but is used for walls and ceilings. This means you can cover the entire room without the need to go hunting for additional solutions. 

You can discover more about MGC products and other insulation supplies by opening the chat box in the bottom right or calling using the number at the top of the page to speak to a member of our team. 

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