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Since 1991, FAKRO have continued to offer valuable advice and support, working hard to ensure their quality of service as well as their products are to a first-class standard. Now with over 100 engineers working on the development and researching each product, you can have faith in the quality of their solutions.

A highlight of the FAKRO collection is the FAKRO loft ladder. FAKRO supply various ladders manufactured with insulation in mind.

These pieces of equipment have been designed to fit right inside the entrance to your loft. Not only do they come with a great design for easy installation, but high energy efficient qualities.

The most notable insulation feature of the FAKRO loft ladder is the hatch. This feature is manufactured using a polystyrene material that supports against the loss of heat. Due to its tight fit, this ladder can be guaranteed to stop draughts.

One of the key locations to install such a ladder is rooms where there may be noticeable temperature differences. This includes used or non-used loft rooms and attic space.

As a bonus, FAKRO loft ladders are available with 13 standard hatch designs and come with a three year warranty. This is just two of many benefits you can expect with your new loft ladder.

As a safety addition, the loft ladders come equipped with a red painted metal handrail. This is mounted on the ladder’s angle brackets so climbing is easier.

For more information about FAKRO or if you need any advice, you can speak to a member of our customer service team using our number. Alternatively, you can use the chat box in the bottom right to speak to a member of our insulation staff as soon as possible.

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