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Plywood, sometimes known as plyboard or ply board, comes in many different forms for variable applications, and sits within our range of timber products. Structural plywood board, marine plyboard sheets and general purpose plyboard offer different protections, reliability and strength.

Structural plywood is manufactured with a different glue in comparison to general purpose plywood. This glue remains rigid and performs even if it’s exposed to wet conditions and temperature changes, meaning it’s suitable for use in things like beams, internal structures and outdoor furniture. We supply plywood from the reputable brand Arnold Laver.

Plyboard, with its layered construction, comprises of thin sheets of wood veneer glued together with alternating grain directions, imparting exceptional strength, stability, and resistance to warping. Popular in construction, plyboard serves as a vital material for roofing, flooring, and wall sheathing due to its durability and load-bearing capacity. Not only used in insulation, but plyboard is also a favourite among furniture makers, offering a sturdy base for crafting everything from cabinets to tables. DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen often turn to plywood boards for their ease of customisation and suitability for creating shelves, storage units, and decorative items. 

While structural plywood is unaffected by moisture, for extreme situations of moisture, so for use in coastal areas or internally in kitchens, there’s marine-grade plyboard.

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