Wood Treatment

Wood treatment involves various processes and applications to enhance the durability, appearance, and structural integrity of wood. This can include protection against decay, insects, moisture, and UV damage. A wood hardener is a liquid substance used to strengthen and stabilize decayed or damaged wood, and is especially useful for restoring structural integrity to areas affected by rot or insect damage. Wood stain is a type of coating that is applied to wood surfaces to enhance their color and grain. It penetrates the wood, providing a natural look while offering protection against UV rays and moisture. It can also include fungicides and other protective agents to prevent decay and extend the life of the wood. 

Wood filler is a material used to fill holes, cracks, and imperfections in wood surfaces, as well as repair damaged wood and preparing surfaces. Once applied, it can be sanded smooth and painted or stained to match the surrounding wood. Wood paint is a protective and decorative coating that creates a solid layer, shielding the wood from moisture, UV rays, and environmental wear, while also providing an array of color options to enhance aesthetic appeal. 

Browse our range of wood treatment today and discover the right match for your project, with products from brands such as RONSEALFAITHFULL, and Sadolin.

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