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1997 saw the arrival of Cromar. Since its founding, their ability as an independently owned business has allowed them to produce fantastic insulation solutions for those in the construction industry. Whether you’re a roofer, builder or architectural merchant, you can rely on Insulation Superstore to provide you with the high-quality products Cromar has to offer.

You can find a variety of breather membranes (aka felt underlays) that can be used within many different properties. The black breather membrane is a majority colour for such a product as the felt underlay. You can also choose from various series, including Vent 3 and Vent 3 Classic, to ensure that your roof is suitably protected and insulated with a durable product. This also allows you to determine the cost you need to focus on for your budget. 

Additionally, the breather membranes are available in a wide range of sizes. This gives you the opportunity to look through and find the exact size you need for your roof.

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