Breathable Membrane

Roofing membranes can prevent timber frames from rotting, insulation from becoming less effective as it’s absorbed moisture and mould, which can cause a huge host of health concerns. As breathable membranes allow water vapour to leave the roof space, they also defend against any water trying to enter the space, leading to increased moisture and condensation build up. All these breathable roof membranes, from top brands such as Cromar and DuPont Tyvek, must be sealed properly with their corresponding tapes.

Breathable membranes

Air permeable breather membranes from the likes of Klober and Cromar can help you to ventilate roof spaces and reduce the risk of condensation. Permo Air from Klober for example is an air open and vapour permeable breather membrane that will allow you to forgo roof ventilation. It’s made up of 3 strong layers and treated hydrophobically so it’s waterproof, perfect for the drying out periods of buildings and to retain the timbers and roof space as tiles are laid.

DuPont Tyvek, Protect, TLX and more supply vapour permeable breather membrane solutions so you can be confident that condensation won’t build up in the roof structure once these products are installed correctly. When vapour permeable breather membranes are also airtight you don’t need to provide extra ventilation in a roof space.

Vapour control layers

A vapour control layer isn’t a breather membrane but more of a vapour barrier as this type of product prevents any water, including water vapour, from moving in or out of the roof space. In areas where indoor and outdoor temperatures greatly vary, water and water vapour can be more likely to try to move into a roof. In instances where a vapour control layer is installed this area is water tight and won’t allow any water vapour to transfer between sides of the roof.

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