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What is PIR insulation?

Diagram showing PIR insulation board on a wall.

PIR, meaning polyisocyanurate insulation boards, are rigid boards made from PIR foam which are widely used in the industry. They have excellent thermal performance, preventing the passage of heat as well as moisture.

PIR boards are also thinner than insulation boards made from other materials. So, they take up less space.

You’re probably wondering:

Just how thick should PIR insulation be?

While most PIR insulation boards come in a variety of thicknesses, some are as thin as 12mm. That’s seriously thin! At the other end of the spectrum, some offerings are 200mm thick.

The key takeaway is:

There’s a huge range of options available on the market, and there’s always something for everyone.

But wait! There’s more:

PIR rigid board insulation is extremely durable, quick and easy to install. As a result, it’s one of the most popular types of insulation with both tradesmen and DIYers alike.

UK PIR insulation comparison chart

Some of the best PIR thermal insulation board solutions currently on the market come from the likes of Celotex, Recticel, EcoTherm, IKO, Xtratherm and Kingspan.

Let’s take a closer look at their respective performances. Keep in mind that the higher the R-value of insulation the better its thermal performance.

Range Thickness (mm)R-values (m²K/W)Size (mm)Applications
Celotex GA400050-1002.25-4.52400 x 1200Floor
Pitched roof
Framed wall
Celotex TB400020-40 0.5-1.82400 x 1200Floor
Pitched roof
Framed wall
Celotex XR4000110-2005-9.052400 x 1200Floor
Pitched roof
Framed wall
Celotex CW400040-1001.8-4.51200 x 450Cavity wall
EcoTherm Eco-Versal25-1501.136- 6.8182400 x 1200Floor
Pitched roof
Framed wall
EcoTherm Eco-Liner37.5-82.51.13-3.152400 x 1200Framed wall
Pitched roof
EcoTherm Eco-Cavity Partial Fill40-1001.81-4.541200 x 450Cavity wall
EcoTherm Eco-Cavity Full Film90-1404.09-6.361200 x 460Cavity wall
IKO Enertherm ALU25-1501.35-9.052400 x 1200Flat roof
Pitched roof
Cavity wall
Kingspan Kooltherm K10325-1501.3-7.852400 x 1200Floor
Kingspan Kooltherm K10725-1201.3-7.852400 x 1200Pitched roof
Kingspan Kooltherm K11225-1201.3-7.852400 x 1200Framed wall
Thermaroof TR24
25-1201.1-6.651200 x 600Flat roof (torch on felt)
Thermaroof TR26
120-1303.15-9.52400 x 1200Flat roof (single ply membrane - mechanical fix)
Thermaroof TR27
25-1503.2-7.251200 x 600Flat roof
Recticel Eurothane GP25-1501.1-7.252400 x 1200Floor
Pitched roof
Framed wall
Xtratherm TR/BGM30/50-90/1100.0.24-0.027 W/mK*1200 x 1200Bitumen based partially bonded built-up roof
Xtratherm TR/MG30/50-130/1500.024-0.027 W/mK*1200 x 1200Single ply fully adhered/partially bonded built-up felt roof

* Denotes thermal conductivity, not R-value

The bottom line

A loft in the process of being insulated.

And there you have it:

Some of the most popular high-performance PIR insulation boards in the UK right now.

As we promised, there’s something for pretty much any application – from floors to different types of walls to pitched and flat roofs. You can find out more about PIR alternatives in our Insulation buyer’s guide.

In the meantime:

Make sure you keep our PIR insulation comparison chart handy when choosing the right brand, range and thickness size for your particular needs, and you’ve got this covered!

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