Acoustic & Sound Proof Underlay

Acoustic underlay will help you to enjoy a quieter life by reducing noise transfer between rooms and floors. A layer of acoustic underlay will minimise echoes, impact noise and airborne noise from travelling between floors, rooms and homes. Perfect for households, commercial spaces and rental properties, acoustic underlay could be situated beneath a carpet in a 2nd floor apartment to reduce the noise transfer to the ground floor space.

Sound proofing underlay is a great form of acoustic insulation that can benefit upper storeys of a home and could even be installed beneath the floor finish on a staircase to minimise the noise of someone going up or down the stairs. Try opting for thick acoustic underlay around your home to quieten down the noise of children running around upstairs!

Manufactured from materials like sheep’s wool, PUR foam and recycled rubber, acoustic carpet underlay can be a ‘green’ product. It comes in rolls, membranes, mats and boards in a selection of thicknesses depending on available floor height and what you’re trying to achieve.

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