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Suretherm excel in the manufacturing of paint and other specialist coating products. Over the years they have had extensive opportunity to work with customers across the UK and continue to grow their international success. Supporting those in social housing, private rental markets and more with their range of insulation accessories.

Innovative Suretherm technology include the, popularly demanded, anti-condensation paint. A product that can be used on block, plaster, brick and render. The application may be the same, but the use is much more.

Suretherm spent years perfecting this insulation tool to help reduce condensation from surfaces. Using it means no allowance of mould. Mould is a harmful substance that grows, is displeasing to look at, as well as dangerous if left untreated.

How does it work?

Preparation is minimal. All you need to do is have a clear, clean, dry surface.

Glass microspheres in the paint “charge” like a battery. This allows for the heat to be held for longer within the product. That is what makes it different to traditional paint and what allows it to have the position of an insulation accessory.

There is no need to have the Suretherm paint as your long-term wall cover. Instead, once it has dried, you can re-cover it! You can do so with emulsion or wallpaper, depending on your desired standards of design.

Another selection of products you can purchase are the anti-mould paint additive and mould cleaning spray. These items can be ideal for the removal of mould that has built up over time. A great addition to buy alongside your other insulation accessories.

If you would like to obtain further information regarding Surtherm and their products, don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our insulation team at Insulation Superstore via the chatbox in the bottom right. You can also contact us to speak to a member of our customer service team who will do what they can to assist you with your enquiry.


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