Although most homes will already have the necessary insulation according to building regulations, more and more people are getting their interior walls insulated in their homes, and there are plenty of reasons why!

Energy efficiency and heat loss

One of the most common reasons for insulating interior walls stems from the increasing focus on energy efficiency and the environment. Insulating walls reduces the amount of heat loss, which inevitably reduces the amount of energy used, therefore lowering your energy bills. Insulating interior walls can be especially useful in homes where there are unused rooms, guest rooms or storage rooms – the insulation will reduce the amount of heat transfer into such rooms that don’t require heating or cooling, reducing both heat and air conditioning costs.

Sound dampening

Insulating interior walls can also be very beneficial for reducing the amount of sound transferring between rooms. Although not a complete sound barrier, insulation provides a medium through which sound is dampened, and this can be very useful in apartments, shared housing, between houses on “party walls”, and in rooms with specialist features such as cinema rooms, recording studios and more. Additionally, some people insulate their bathroom walls to reduce the sounds from travelling from bathrooms to bedrooms and more.

Insulating older properties

If you have an older property, the insulation levels are generally much lower, so there is a greater potential to save heating bills and reducing noise levels. Another draw to thinking about the insulation of interior walls is that it can be done on a room-by-room basis, meaning that the cost and disruption can be spread out over time.

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