Did you know that 35% of heat in your home is lost through the walls? And that 25% is lost through the roof? You can help reduce this heat loss by 75% just by applying 10cm of insulation!

Insulating your home is an extremely good way of reducing your carbon foot print as well as minimising your electricity bill! By insulating your home, especially in winter, your house is able to naturally retain more heat, meaning you won’t need to turn on the heating as often or even at all. Insulation also works throughout the summertime so when the temperature escalates outdoors it works to keep a regular temperature in your home, keeping your house cooler!

Setting aside the cost benefits from reduced use of heating and air conditioning, insulation offers minimal environmental impact due to using less energy to heat or cool your home. On top of this most insulation types and brands are made from recyclable materials or have been manufactured by materials already recycled. Insulation isn’t that expensive and there are government grants available to cover the cost, plus don’t forget that when your home is well insulated, the value rises!Thermafleece Supaloft Insulation

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