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What is mineral wool insulation?

Mineral wool insulation is insulation made from raw materials such as stone and glass. It is so widely used that it is known by several names, including mineral cotton, mineral fibre, man-made mineral fibre, and man-made vitreous fibre. 

How is mineral wool insulation made?

Raw materials such as stone and glass are heated to very high temperatures and melted together. The melted material is then spun very quickly in order to form fibres that are similar to cotton. From these fibres, insulation can be formed, whether it is formed into a roll of insulation or insulation batts

What are the benefits of mineral wool insulation?

Acoustic insulation

Because of the way in which mineral wool insulation is made, there are a large number of naturally formed air pockets within the insulation roll. This means that it is an effective form of acoustic insulation because these naturally formed air pockets help to absorb sound, reducing its impact and shortening the distance it travels.

Thermal insulation

The naturally formed air pockets also mean that mineral wool insulation is a good thermal insulator. The air pockets slow the transfer of heat, meaning that heat loss is minimised. 


Mineral wool is incredibly safe – it is constantly under scrutiny for safety purposes, meaning that it is regularly undergoing tests to ensure that it is safe – over 1000 studies have been undertaken in the past 50 years to ensure it can continue to be used. Additionally, mineral wool insulation is fireproof – it is almost incombustible, which improves the safety of the building.


Mineral wool insulation is also sustainable – not only does the process generate very little waste, but it is made from raw materials that are often recycled, – Isover uses 86% recycled glass within their mineral wool products. This means that mineral wool insulation is a great choice for projects where green environmental credentials are important.

Easy handling, transportation and installation

Mineral wool insulation is thinner than other insulation products, and less dense whilst still being an effective insulator. This means that less mineral wool is required to insulate a house, and it is easier to handle and transport. As well as being easy to handle and transport, mineral wool is easy to install because of its lightweight and flexible properties.

Where can mineral wool insulation be used?

The versatility of mineral wool insulation is second to none – it can be used in a wide range of different situations, including loft insulation, roof insulation, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, piping or panels. It can fit in between timber and metal frames, in between rafters, and in a range of other fittings, meaning the potential applications and uses of mineral wool are almost endless.

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