EcoTherm Insulation Board

EcoTherm manufactures three stand-out thermal insulation products for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. EcoTherm insulation is great to use in many applications thanks to their fantastic low u-values, compressive strength and low weight. They’re also low in price too so you can purchase EcoTherm products for your project without breaking the budget.

EcoTherm Eco-Versal

EcoTherm’s best-known insulation product EcoTherm Eco-Versal is a general purpose PIR board for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Offering thermal conductivity as low as 0.022 W/mK, EcoTherm Eco-Versal insulation boards can be purchased in over 10 thicknesses from 25mm to 150mm. When used above a damp proof membrane in flooring applications, EcoTherm Eco-Versal has a low moisture absorption capacity so won’t lose any thermal properties over time due to moisture. There are also 3 methods for fixing EcoTherm Eco-Versal in pitched roofs: over rafters, between and under rafters, and between and over rafters.

You’ll find a host of fantastic EcoTherm insulation products below, but if you’re unable to find the size or thickness you’re looking for please contact our helpline on 01752 692206. Our insulation experts will be sure to give you the best advice, including on what fixings will work best with your system.

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