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Choose from plastic or steel loft doors thanks to Timloc to gain access to your loft space. Complimented by a range of loft ladders, each loft door is insulated with u-values from 0.82 to 0.25 dependent on your requirements. Opt for a Timloc loft access door and you’re able to pick whether you’d like a key lock security mechanism and if your loft door should be drop-in or hinged.

Drop-in loft doors are ideal for areas where there isn’t much floor space and a hinged loft door would compromise space even more. They’re designed to drop the door fully out so there’s more space to maneuver a ladder and anything that may be going in or out of the loft. Operating poles are available up to 500mm in length to make access even easier, whether it’s drop down loft hatches or hinged.

White in colour and featuring picture frame surrounds, loft hatch doors from Timloc come in a fire rated model which offers up to 60 minutes of fire protection against flames. This can help to delay the spread of flames either into or out of the loft space to protect individuals inside and to allow them more time to evacuate the building.

Unsure of the fire protection requirements of your loft access hatches, if you're after an insulated loft hatch or extra large loft hatches? Call us on 01752 692206 for more information and discover more about loft door insulation.

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