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Here at Insulation Superstore our range of ceiling tiles comes from top brand names, such as Knauf, Armstrong and Rockfon, all of whom have years of expertise and experience in developing and manufacturing the best ceiling tiles for your project. Read our guide to the best ceiling tiles for soundproofing for advice on acoustic ceiling tiles. 

What are ceiling tiles?

Ceiling tiles are most commonly made from mineral fibre, and are designed to be lightweight and easy to install, whether you fix them directly to the ceiling or opt for a suspended ceiling, which requires a grid system to be installed first. 

Why use ceiling tiles?

As well as creating an aesthetically pleasing ceiling to add the finishing touches to the room, ceiling tiles have a number of other benefits. Ceiling tiles come in a range of styles and designs, but most commonly feature perforations. These perforations help to absorb sound waves, which will reduce noise levels and create a quieter environment. Ceiling tiles also offer a level of thermal insulation, which can be increased with the application of suspended ceiling pads if installing a suspended ceiling. Additionally, ceiling tiles can increase the brightness of a room, by reflecting up to 86% of  light in the room. All of these benefits help to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency.

All of the properties above make ceiling tiles incredibly cost effective, and this is why they are used in buildings such as schools, hospitals, offices and other commercial buildings. Additionally, these suspended ceiling tiles are a low-cost option and are easy to replace individually thanks to the grid system should one be broken or damaged.

If you have any questions about ceiling tiles and ceiling pads, give our team of experts a call on 01752 692206 or use the live chat function in the bottom right hand corner.

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