If you’re looking to work out what ceiling tiles are best for soundproofing, consider firstly if you are looking for soundproofing and/or or sound absorbing. There are solutions incorporating each.

What’s the difference between soundproofing ceiling tiles and sound absorbing products?

Soundproofing products provide a noise barrier. This blocks sound, which effectively reduces the noise levels coming into or out of a space.

Sound absorbing products will absorb the sound within a room or space. This reduces noise, echos and reverberations.

This is a subtle, but important difference and you will normally need to install both types of sound insulating materials.

Consider the scenario where you are looking to fit ceiling tiles into a busy office building as an example. There is a risk of sound coming from external sources if the property is in a very noisy location. However, the key requirement for reducing noise in an office environment is to reduce the levels inside the offices themselves. Daily conversation, phone calls, equipment etc contribute to these noise levels. This will allow improved privacy, concentration and productivity. In this instance, sound absorption is the primary focus.

However, if fitting out a block of flats or apartments, you will want to block noise between floors. This will allow for improved comfort and privacy of the building’s residents as the main priority.

What ceiling tiles are best for soundproofing or sound absorption?

Any ceiling tile will provide a barrier between a room and the space above it. However, specialist products with superior acoustic properties are the best ceiling tiles for soundproofing or sound absorption.

Acoustic properties are measured in decibels (dB) and sound absorption from A to E where class A has the highest level of sound absorption. Here are some examples of the effectiveness of some of our bestselling specialist acoustic ceiling tiles:

Noise blocker panels from JCW block the sound that travels through a ceiling by around 24 to 27dB through a suspended ceiling.

Noise stopper or ‘sound stop’ ceiling pads by JCW offer a dual performance, both reducing the transfer of sound, and also absorbing it. They help to reduce noise levels in an existing property by offering a mean average performance of approx 14dB. The product is fitted on top of an existing suspended ceiling.

JCW’s acoustic ceiling tiles stick (can be directly bonded) onto walls and ceilings to reduce the noise inside a room or building under absorption class C.

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