The market leader in waterproofing and gas protection within structures, Visqueen have been researching, designing and manufacturing a range of products for over 50 years to provide innovative solutions using plastic sheeting products to combat the ingress of water and the threat of gas leakage.

Visqueen products are always manufactured to the highest standards possible, and the key focus for them is always on innovation and product excellence, ensuring they retain their reputation of being the technical authority for product standards. Here at Insulation Superstore we are proud to offer a range of Visqueen products, all at our famously competitive prices. 

Visqueen damp proof membranes

Visqueen have manufactured a number of damp proof membrane products to be used to prevent the ingress of water vapour into the building material, which can cause serious structural damage. 

Visqueen EcoMembrane

The Visqueen EcoMembrane is manufactured from 100% Recycled polyethylene, which makes it an eco-friendly low cost product. The EcoMembrane damp proof membrane can be used as a Type A damp proof membrane, and can be used beneath concrete floors to prevent capilliary rise of moisture. 

Visqueen high performance damp proof membrane

Another DPM is the Visqueen high performance damp proof membrane – the premium grade DPM from Visqueen. The high performance damp proof membrane is manufactured from prime virgin polymers, and is manufactured as a centre folding product so that creases are limited, meaning jointing and welding is made easier when onsite. The Visqueen high performance DPM can be used in concrete floors in both domestic and commercial buildings, where capillary rise of moisture may occur but hydrostatic pressure is not present. It can also be used in heavy duty raft foundations, steel reinforced slabs and other circumstances where a puncture resistant and durable membrane is needed.#

Visqueen Axoim Shield liquid damp proof membrane

As well as rolls of damp proof membrane, Visqueen have also created a number of liquid membrane products. The Axiom Shield liquid damp proof membrane has been specially formulated to provide a solution for damp proofing ground floors and behind cladding applications. It can be applied straight from the tin, and is easy to use, rapidly drying to create a damp and waterproof membrane on any surface, but particularly on concrete, brickwork, metal and timber to prevent the penetration of moisture. 

Visqueen Axiom Guard V+ liquid membrane

Another liquid membrane from Visqueen is the Axiom Guard V+, which is a liquid membrane that is used for external tanking. It is specially formulated to be used on vertical surface, and is available in two colours to ensure that each coat covers the whole area required. There is no complicated pre-mixing involved, and contains an accelerator that cures rapidly when it comes into contact with humidity to create a continuous and fully bonded waterproofing coating. 

Visqueen damp proof courses

Visqueen also have a number of different damp proof course products with varying characteristics, depending on the requirements of the damp proof course.

Visqueen polyethylene damp proof course

The Polyethylene damp proof course is designed to prevent the passage of moisture from external sources into brickwork and blockwork, and is manufactured with high quality reprocessed materials, making it cost effective and durable. 

Visqueen gas resistant damp proof course

Alternatively, the Visqueen gas resistant damp proof course is used to prevent both the passage of moisture and the transmission of gases including carbon dioxide, radon, methane and low level hydrocarbon vapours from passing through the brickwork and blockwork. This is achieved via an integral aluminium film, making the product suitable for use in any commercial, industrial or residential projects. Gases often occur at building sites that were previously landfill sites, and can cause issues within the building if a gas resistant barrier is not used.

Visqueen Zedex damp proof course

The Zedex damp proof course has been manufactured as a high performance alternative to a regular damp proof course. The Zedex damp proof course is manufactured from co-polymer thermoplastic to provide superior tear resistance, strength and flexibility. 

Visqueen Zedex housing grade damp proof course

The Zedex housing grade damp proof course has been created to provide housebuilders with the same high performing characteristics as the Zedex damp proof course, but at a more affordable price. It is a strong and flexible product that can be used throughout the seasons with no adverse effects, and can be used with a range of different products to create a reliable damp proof course.

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