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SupaSoft have worked hard to perfect their natural loft insulation for many years. The UK-based company work hard to manufacture amazing products with high performance in mind.

Loft insulation by SupaSoft has been manufactured so it is safe to use and environmentally friendly. This alternative insulation has been made for those who suffer from irritation through traditional sheep’s wool insulation.

Natural insulation made by SupaSoft is roll insulation that has been made with recycled plastic bottles and 100% recycled polyester fibres. As a result, the insulation helps to divert tonnes of waste plastic from landfill or incineration. It helps you dispose of the product knowing that it can be done easily, without harming the environment.

SupaSoft insulation for lofts contains no harmful chemicals or binders. This can allow you to handle the product with minimal worry and get the job done.

Loft rolls by SupaSoft has long-lasting capabilities. A benefit of the quality is energy saving. This means in the following years the insulation pays for itself. A great investment if you are looking to reduce costs on heating bills for other building projects.

There are many reasons as to why it is important that you have insulation. Not only does it help reduce energy bills, but keep the home properly insulated during hot and cold weather. Especially if it is a workplace. This ensures a healthier work environment and can help you be more environmentally friendly.

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