POWERLON | Breathable Membranes & VCLs

Check out the range of tapes and breather membranes from Powerlon. With decades’ worth of knowledge and expertise, you can rely on expert insulation products to perform as desired to help maintain that quality insulation.

Powerlon Breather membrane

Order a roll of your choosing when it comes to breather membranes from Powerlon. Select from a fantastic range that includes the favourited Powerlon SupaPerm 100 that offers long-term protection for buildings.

Powerlon Vapour control layer

Powerlon vapour control layers can be used in walls, floors and roofs. Using a vapour control layer from Powerlon can mean heat reflects into the building and helps minimise interstitial condensation.

Powerlon Insulation tape

Tape from Powerlon comes in a variety of forms with several uses. Cover nails, seal pipes, improve water tightness of joins and much more with technically advanced tapes.

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Products in POWERLON | Breathable Membranes & VCLs :

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Showing 1-24 of 24