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Within the acoustic solution range by Karma, you can find all sorts of soundproofing materials for your property. Whether that may be for walls, floors or ceilings, there is a wide range of products available to you from Karma here at Insulation Superstore. 

Karma Soundlay 15

This particular product is one that comprises of two layers to create a thick, durable acoustic barrier. Within it is recycled acoustic chipfoam, which makes this ideal for those seeking solutions with a much more environmentally friendly purpose. When it comes to uses, this type of flooring can be easy to install in timber and concrete floors. Ideal if you have noisy neighbours or colleagues in the room below your own. 

Alongside this type of Karma Soundlay, you can choose from others varying in thickness and size to suit your requirements and your budget. You can choose one type or numerous types depending on what is practical for the location it is to be placed in. 

Check out what else you can find here via Insulation Superstore and ensure you have what you need. 

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