Floor Screed

Here at Insulation Superstore we have a range of floor screed products available, from brands including Arsanit, Karma and ProofTherm. Choose from dry mixes that can require preparation, or an innovative dry fix tongue and groove screed system for ease of installation.

What is floor screed?

Floor screed is a material that generally consists of cement and sand, that is applied to a subfloor such as concrete. The main purpose of floor screed is to create a level surface, onto which the chosen flooring material can then be applied, but also to add durability and ensure that traffic will not cause damage to the flooring over time. 

Floor screed is also available as self-levelling floor compound. The self-levelling compound has been designed to spread across a surface itself, ensuring that it fills in any crevices and is thinner on any peaks to ensure the floor becomes level, without any need to level it by hand. 

Floor screed can also be used to cover underfloor heating pipes for maximum transfer of heat to the flooring, but we’d recommend using a specific underfloor heating screed for optimum performance.

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