Looking for a high-performance vapour control layer (VCL) designed to perfectly control the movement of water vapour through your home’s assembly?

Look no further than Tyvek AirGuard Reflective Vapour Barrier Membrane from DuPont!

Let’s find out more about this premium solution!

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What is DuPont AirGuard?

Tyvek AirGuard Reflective

DuPont AirGuard Reflective vapour barrier membrane is manufactured to be 100% airtight. The air and vapour control layer is suitable for application in roofs, below ceiling levels and in walls too.

DuPont AirGuard Reflective AVCL can reflect up to 95% of radiant heat back into the building thanks to a metallised surface.

The surface has a very low emissivity vapour barrier that when twinned with an airgap will enhance thermal comfort. BBA-certified, this AVCL also provides high-performance condensation control, being suitable for installation in high-humidity buildings when all laps and penetrations are properly sealed.

Check out how AirGuard reflective compares to a standard membrane:

Tyvek U-values performance chart for entire wall construction

How does a vapour control layer work?

The primary function of a vapour control layer is to limit the amount of water vapour that can pass through it. It is installed on the warm side of the building assembly, typically on the interior side in cold climates or on the exterior side in hot and humid climates.

The VCL acts as a barrier, restricting the movement of water vapour from areas of high humidity to areas of low humidity.

Specifically, vapour barriers are typically used in colder climates to prevent water vapour from entering the building assembly and condensing in the insulation.

How do I install AirGuard Reflective?

Dupont Airguard reflective vapour control layer

The reflective surface of the AirGuard must always face an air space.

Ideally, you would install the AirGuard by fixing it with the reflective side facing into the building. After this secure a standard 25mm batten over the membrane to receive thermal comfort and an efficient condensation control layer.

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