Glass Wool Insulation & Fibre Glass Insulation

Glass wool insulation is a popular form of insulation roll that works to insulate by trapping gases in the small pockets created when spinning glass fibres into a roll, sheet or batt. As gas is such a bad conductor of thermal energy, heat is trapped in or out of the insulation to keep buildings warm in the winter and cool during the summer. Glass wool insulation is also known as glass fibre insulation or fibreglass insulation, and it's a very efficient thermal insulator as glass fibres and a bonding agent are manufactured together to create a flexible and air pocket-filled product. Well-known manufacturers Isover and Knauf are both firm favourites in glass wool insulation as they produce quality, long-lasting products that can be rolled out on floors, on ceilings and in cavity walls for thermal insulation. 

Isover Glass Wool Insulation

Isover has been manufacturing cheap glass wool insulation with extremely high quality in the UK for many years. Isover Spacesaver is the most popular glass fibre insulation product available from Insulation Superstore. Isover insulation comes in thicknesses of 100mm, 150mm, 170mm and 200mm with each providing at least 0.044 W/mK in applications in the roof, floor and ceilings.

Isover also manufactures a similar glass wool insulation product, Isover APR 1200 Roll, which is acoustically insulating as well as thermally insulating, meaning you get more from one roll of insulation. As Isover glass wool insulation products are made from at least 86% recycled glass, you can be confident of the minimal environmental impact these products give too. 

Knauf Glass Wool Insulation

The range of Knauf Insulation products below are all manufactured from glass wool to create thermally efficient products used in domestic build and renovation projects. Earthwool Loft Roll 44, for example, is made from glass wool to create a low-density quilt applicable in ceilings of pitched roofs and in suspended timber floors. Glass wool insulation of this kind provides thermal conductivity of 0.044 W/mK with pre-perforated cut lines aiding you in installing this product in 600mm and 400mm centres. 

Knauf Earthwool, as a glass wool insulation product, has many applications across the insulation industry including domestic lofts, HVAC systems, industrial insulation and commercial projects too. Thanks to the rot-proof, chemically neutral make-up of glass fibre insulation, Knauf products can be used just about anywhere. Glass wool insulation is odourless and won't sustain any vermin or pests either, reducing the risk of infested insulation or damp smells. 

For more information on how to install loft insulation, read our guide. 


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