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Armacell are the original inventors of flexible foam for equipment insulation. They have grown to become a leading provider of high-tech engineered foams that focus on mechanical solutions for insulating technical equipment. 

Pipe Insulation

Pipe insulation is a low-cost way to boost energy efficiency in your home. It can act to increase the performance of heating systems, preventing pipework from freezing and causing leaks, and can provide some acoustic qualities to fluid travelling through the pipework.

Armacell’s Tubolit range of thermal, acoustic and protective insulation is applicable for heating pipes, hot and cold-water pipes and sewage pipes across both commercial and residential buildings. Their pipe insulation comes in an extensive range of sizes to ensure you can find the right one to meet your requirements.  

For more information on our full range of pipe insulation products, feel free to get in touch with our specialist team on the number above or in the chat box in the bottom right. We are always happy to offer help and support.

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