We rely heavily on reviews submitted by our customers and hope you’ll consider leaving us your feedback. We not only use the reviews to tell other potential customers about the products, but we also use them as a tool to improve our service level and our existing products and bring to market new and innovative products and solutions to support all customers with your comments in mind.  

For all purchases, customers will receive automated emails asking you to review both our service and our products. The first review email will ask you to review our service on Trustpilot, our chosen partner for service reviews and secondly, from YotPo our chosen partner for product reviews. We send these product review emails later to give all customers a chance to inspect, install and use the products before reviewing. 

Once you have received an invitation to review our service or product, you can submit written reviews (with or without photos in the case of product reviews) for items you have purchased on our website. We encourage you to share your opinions and look forward to seeing your feedback which is constantly monitored and reviewed to improve our business. 

The customer review process is meant to give potential customers information they can use to make the best purchase based on their needs. We encourage honest reviews and want to make sure we are transparent to our current, and future customers. When it comes to product reviews where your review will appear on our website, we do not allow reviews that are considered vulgar, misleading, or manipulative in nature. Reviews help customers learn about our brand, our level of service, a particular category, and specific products.

A few examples of reviews that may be rejected or removed include but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Use of profanity
  • A review that has promotional links trying to sell products or may be considered an advertisement
  • Reviews showing pricing or specific retailers other than the manufacturer
  • Personal identifying information
  • Inappropriate images
  • Reviews that do not talk about the product being reviewed but are geared toward an affiliate (shipping or customer service of retailer)
  • Duplicate reviews of the same product from the same customer 

If you feel your review was rejected and should have been approved, please feel free to email feedback@cmostores.com so we can take a closer look. 

Further guidance for posting reviews on Trustpilot can be found here: https://uk.legal.trustpilot.com/for-reviewers/guidelines-for-reviewers