Access panels from Timloc and Manthorpe come in a range of convenient sizes both square and rectangular. Below is an easy-to-read table dictating access panel sizes available to our customers. Fire-rated steel access panels with up to 60 minutes of protection can be found in most of these sizes.

Access panel sizes in the UK vary depending on the specific application and the area they are meant to cover. When choosing an access panel size, it’s important to consider factors such as the dimensions of the space it needs to fit into, the accessibility requirements for maintenance or repairs and any building regulations that may dictate minimum sizes for access panels in certain areas.

Additionally, the size should allow for easy access while still providing sufficient coverage for the intended purpose.

Access panels come in both picture frame (left) and beaded frame (right) edging so you can blend the access panel into plaster for a cleaner finish or opt for a picture frame finish.

Two access panels

Access panel sizes (UK)

150mm X X X
200mm X
250mm X
280mm X
300mm X
350mm X
450mm X
500mm X
550mm X
600mm X
650mm X
950mm X X
1250mm X

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