When it comes to thermal insulation, vacuum insulated panels (VIPs) offer one of the best modern solutions. Increasing steadily in popularity over the last few years, they now represent the best option for energy conservation, especially when available space is limited.

The advantages offered by using VIPs make it worth the investment.

Here are the main benefits of using vacuum insulated panels.Kingspan OPTIM-R vacuum insulated panels

The benefits of using vacuum insulated panels

Vacuum insulated panels (VIPs) have been in use for decades. However, they have only recently made their way into the building industry. Today, many contractors opt to use VIPs over traditional PIR, EPS or XPS insulation boards, both in domestic and commercial applications. The main reason for this is that they offer unrivalled performance in achieving target U-values.

With that in mind, let’s have a closer look at each main benefit.

High thermal efficiency

As the name suggests, a VIP is composed of a rigid thermal insulation panel evacuated and vacuum-sealed within a gas-tight film. Due to their near-complete absence of air, VIPs conduct very little heat. This provides excellent thermal efficiency in all applications.

Most VIPs on the market will also be coated in a low-emissivity facing, reducing heat lost by radiation. VIPs will outperform most alternative insulation solutions in like-for-like tests and will provide reliable performance on a long-term basis.

Vacuum insulated panels diagramThin profile

Aside from their thermal efficiency, VIPs also provide a number of additional benefits. Chief among these is that they are extremely thin, making them perfect for applications in which space is at a premium.

This can be the case when refurbishing an existing property but is also useful when developing a new build. Not only will you save space in the floors, walls and ceilings, but you will also save money by avoiding the need to excavate or raise affected flooring in the building.


VIPs are lightweight compared to other insulation materials, which can simplify handling and installation processes, especially in retrofit or renovation projects.

Long lifespan

Vacuum insulated panels are highly durable and resistant to degradation over time. They have a long lifespan, which ensures long-term thermal performance without the need for frequent replacements.

Moisture resistance

The vacuum-sealed construction of VIPs prevents moisture from penetrating the insulation material, reducing the risk of mould growth, corrosion and other moisture-related issues.


VIPs can be used in various applications, including building insulation, refrigeration, transportation and packaging. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of thermal insulation needs.

Energy efficiency

Due to their exceptional thermal performance, vacuum insulated panels contribute to significant energy savings by reducing heating and cooling loads in buildings and other applications.

Environmental benefits

VIPs typically have a lower environmental impact compared to some traditional insulation materials. They often contain recyclable components and contribute to energy conservation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with heating and cooling systems.

Final thoughts

Vacuum insulated panels offer a compelling solution for achieving high levels of thermal insulation in diverse applications, with benefits including superior thermal resistance, space efficiency, durability and energy savings.


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