JCW’s range of acoustic insulation products is suitable for many applications. Whether you’re using it for domestic or commercial purposes, you’ve got a choice.

The insulation range by JCW includes floor insulation boards and acoustic underlay.

You’ll also find Impacta rubber. This under-screed layer system is great for concrete floors, including pre-cast and solid concrete. Each roll of durable, puncture-proof Impact Rubber from JCW covers at least 10.5m2.

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JCW Deck 37 acoustic floor insulation

Deck 37 floor insulation is conveniently designed for practicality. It combines a 15mm acoustic layer with a 22mm tongue and groove particle. This means you can fit it directly into the joist.

As for use, this 37mm thick floor insulation is ideal for timber floor refurbishments. This is because once you have removed the existing timber floors, there’s no need to lay a new one.

Half a pallet of 1200m x 600m Deck 37 will cover 14.4m2, now with free shipping.

JCW Deck 37 acoustic floor insulation

JCW Impacta 4551 Mat acoustic underlay

JCW has designed the Impacta 4551 Mat to deal with two specific types of noise – footsteps and slamming doors.

The Impacta 4551 Mat reduces impact noise from these common sounds. Whether you want to apply it to concrete floors or all other floor finishes, Impacta has you covered.

See the table below to view available Impacta 4551 Mat sizes.

Impacta 4551 MatLengthWidthThickness
JCW Acoustic Impacta Mat 4551 for Floors20m1050mm 3mm
JCW Acoustic Impacta Mat 4551 for Floors 10m1050mm 4.5mm

JCW Impacta 4551 Mat acoustic underlay


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