YBS Multifoil Insulation

YBS Insulation is a leading manufacturer of innovative insulation materials in the UK, supplying high quality insulation products to the building industry since 1944. Here at Insulation Superstore we bring a range of YBS multifoil insulation projects to you, all at competitive prices.

Superquilt insulation from YBS

YBS SuperQuilt is a lightweight, 40mm thick flexible and versatile insulation product that can be used in roofs, walls and floors. SuperQuilt has been designed to reduce cold bridging and reduce heat build up in summer months, as it reflects infra-red radiation, as well as dealing with conduction, radiation and convection. 

YBS Thermaquilt insulation

ThermaQuilt from YBS Insulation is a multilayer insulation that has been designed to be a lower cost equivalent of other multilayer insulation products on the market. It can be used in a range of different applications, from pitched roofs and walls to timber-frame floors and more. 

Airtec insulation membrane

Airtec is a thin, flexible and easy to install aluminium bubble insulation membrane from YBS. It traps air within the bubble structure, creating low emissivity air spaces, improving its thermal performance. Opt for single or double bubble, double foil airtec products – Airtec Double Bubble Double Foil is a multilayer double air bubble film insulation with aluminium foil bonded to both faces. 

Foiltec multi-layer foil insulation

Foiltec from YBS Insulation is a multi-layer foil laminate, which has been coated with nitrocellulose to create a corrosion resistant, highly reflective and robust vapour control layer insulation system. Choose from FoilTec Light, a single vapour control layer, or FoilTec Double, which has double insulating layers.

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