Isover Glass Wool Loft Insulation

Isover is renowned for making sustainable, high-quality insulation installed in one in every three homes in Europe. Manufactured to meet thermal, acoustic and fire safety performance expectations, Isover glass wool loft insulation offers fantastic value for money.

Isover Spacesaver

Isover Spacesaver glass mineral wool insulation roll is suited for many applications. Its low-density and flexible rolls are pre-perforated for ease of installation so Isover Spacesaver is a favourite for everyone from DIY installers to professionals and housebuilders. In 4 thicknesses, Isover Spacesaver offers a thermal conductivity of 0.044 W/mK and each thickness has an A1 fire rating. Manufactured from up to 86% recycled glass this Isover insulation product reduces heat loss and helps to protect the environment, using glass that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Isover APR 1200

Isover APR 1200 is a glass mineral wool roll designed to provide high levels of acoustic insulation. Isover APR, or Isover Acoustic Partition Roll, can be installed in partitions, walls, and floors to acoustically insulate domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Push-fit into 600mm centres, Isover APR 1200 comes in 5 thicknesses offering 0.039 W/mK alongside their acoustic properties. Just like Isover Spacesaver this product has a fire rating of A1, meaning it’s non-combustible and Isover APR 1200 won’t rot or sustain any vermin, protecting your build.

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