Tecsound | Acoustic Membrane & Pipe Lagging

Tecsound is part of the high performance brand portfolio of iKoustic who specialise in the production of world class products for insulation and sound absorption. The Tecsound range helps to alleviate issues where structural vibration is a problem, for example on metal framework.  

Tecsound self-adhesive acoustic membrane is suitable for timber and concrete structures and is particularly effective at ‘muting’ vibration on metal structures. It is also suitable between plasterboard layers to lessen vibration between them and provide an effective upgrade for the soundproofing of walls, floors and ceilings. Having elastic properties means that it is flexible and very easy to handle.

Tecsound acoustic pipe wrap is used for soundproofing a range of servicing units from metal cladding to HVAC units. The pipe lagging material is combined with a felt to soften noise transfer and finished with a foil mesh that can be exposed to ductwork.

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