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Years of expertise have lead Jackon Insulation to become a leading figure in the insulation industry. Their products have a variety of uses in the construction and industrial industry and come with a range of benefits. 

Jackon was the first manufacturer to produce boards with a bigger thickness than the engineering-based limit of 200 mm. In fact, their XPS boards can be manufactured to reach a thickness of 320 mm to improve their durability and insulation properties. Here at Insulation Superstore, you can find a range of insulation boards that are suitable for numerous locations. Whether you require a construction, industrial or bathroom insulation board, you can be sure to find one at a reasonable cost via our range. 

Plano construction boards 

These specific types of boards can be used for constructing the simplest of furniture, such as shelves, in bathrooms and more. Moreover, because of their thickness, they can greatly support thermal insulation. You can also cover them in tiles, render or plaster as soon as possible should you require decorative exteriors. 

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