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Fixings by HeliFix offer a stable solution when you need to secure and maintain thermal insulation in your home. Their innovative technologies mean that you can save on the accessories you need and not overuse multiple fixings in one area of your installation. Check out the selection by HeliFix we have available here at Insulation Superstore to discover the possibilities when you use their insulation solutions. 


HeliFix have manufactured their fixings to be able to go through various materials.  This can be anything from battens to insulation. As a result, the system can be installed suitably without affecting the quality of the insulation itself. The installation of the InSkews also means that the system is more stable and far less fixings are required to keep it in place.

Additionally, the self-tapping design of the InSkews can be fantastic for holding power when it comes to tension and compression. This makes them more structurally reliable, meaning you can be reassured that the solution can be better for the property in the long term. 

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