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The GoRend company is a UK manufacturer of high-quality render systems. Their many years’ worth of experience and focus on render and render-based products means that you can trust in their solutions for your project – no matter if personal or business build projects.

What is render?

The main use of render is to protect the exterior of a home from various weather conditions. It can, however, be decorative if needs be to suit what you desire when it comes to your home’s appearance. Depending on the type, it can also be painted. You will need to consider which type you need prior to painting so that there is no risk to the quality or look of the property. 

When it comes to insulation benefits, these can be a result of the render’s thick application. As a form of added protection, the render can keep the walls heated which in turn can keep the interior of the house heated. Ideal for those cold and wet weather conditions.

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