Install insulated plasterboard using the direct bonding method for fast, effective and long-lasting installation. All conduits and piping must be installed before installation. Walls must be prepared correctly so before getting started you must ensure the wall is secure, free from contaminants, and dry. Direct bond is a fast method that allows for the variable flatness of the wall. It’s a good idea to mix the drywall adhesive together at this stage, in line with the manufacturer’s instructions, and have this ready to go.

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Direct bond installation of insulated plasterboard

  1. Mark spots on the masonry and ceiling to establish the new wall plane.
  2. Make 1200mm marks vertically on the wall to indicate the position of the boards.
  3. Start installing from an internal corner or from a window or door reveal.
  4. Make a continuous bed of adhesive around the perimeter of the wall and around services/openings to take into account building airtightness.
  5. Cut the board approximately 15mm short of the floor to ceiling height and position it with the bottom edge resting against packing strips.
  6. Apply a dab of adhesive to the wall (each dab of adhesive should be around 750mm x 250mm, covering 20% of the board area).
  7. Tap the boards into position with a straight edge and check the alignments with the markings made earlier.
  8. Lift the boards to the ceiling edge and support them until the adhesive has set.
  9. Nail in fixings at the mid-point of the board around 25mm from the edge.
  10. Butt all other boards close together and fix these using the same technique.


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