Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is designed to save you money when heating your home as well as making you and your family more comfortable. Our underfloor heating kits are ideally suited for domestic application as they’re available in a handy roll format. Simply tell us the area of the floor of the room you’re looking to heat and we can supply you with a mat that fits! All you need to do is roll out the mat and plug it in.

Why should I install underfloor heating?

Thanks to underfloor heating kits using a lower temperature that radiators, you can save money on your bills and get rid of the need for bulky heaters taking up space in smaller areas.

From 1m2 right up to 24m2 mats available, you can give your bathroom a luxury touch in the cold winter mornings or choose to do away with radiators in the living room and heat your room from the floor up! You can also enhance the heating benefits of your underfloor heating by installing underfloor heating insulation. This will trap all of the heat your system emits and ensure that you’re getting the maximum value for money. As ProWarm underfloor heating kits offer a ‘dry’ system, meaning no water or liquids are passed through the system, your insulation will have no danger of rot.


From traditional-looking thermostats to a modern finish, each of the products in this range are compatible with ProWarm underfloor heating kits. Modern style thermostats come with digital displays and remote controls to add even more luxury to your underfloor heating. These thermostats are also fully programmable so you can instruct your underfloor heating thermostat to turn up the heat half an hour before you wake up on cold mornings, and then to turn off just before you leave the house.

Thanks to their easy interface no instructions are required and the ProWarm 3IE is fully interactive, learning from the changing conditions of the room, your home and the seasons to generate optimum start-up times, reducing your energy bill even further!

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